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Name: Margaery Tyrell
Canon: ASOIAF/HBO's Game of Thrones
Scrubs Color: Light gray
Visible Age: Mid 20s
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Physique: Healthy and thin. Delicate as befits a highborn lady of Westeros
Complexion: Clear alabaster skin.
Hygiene: Well groomed and clean.
Hair: Long auburn curls.
Eyes: Blue
Defining Marks: None, save her eyes being her most distinct feature.
Accent/Speech: She speaks with (what can be described as) an English accent.
Bearing/Demeanor: She's dignified in manner and bearing, regal and lady like.
Gait: She walks confidently and moves gracefully.
Habits: Margaery is often thoughtful and simply observes scenes. She has no distinct or noticeable habit otherwise. Everything about her is controlled and tempered under her patience.
Skills: Clever, adaptable, patient, observant, a skilled actress and manipulator, capable of the womanly arts (embroidery, etc.)


Show, Books


There are two defining traits to Margaery Tyrell, she is ambitious and she loves her family. Both of these characteristics drive her through the course of the show. Ambition is what influences most of Margaery's decisions and motives. She wants to be Queen, *the* Queen. To achieve this, she's willing to do anything it takes, including marrying a man that she knows is a monster. Despite being warned by Sansa, Margaery is willing to tie herself to Joffery, letting herself become his bride.

She's clever, knowing how to play people and what role to adopt. With Renly, she was loyal and accommodating to his homosexuality, willing to let him bring in her brother in the bedroom, so long as it meant she could conceive a child. Later with Joffery, she feigns fascination with his perverse and sadistic hobbies, including his weaponry and curiously asking about killing things. With Tommen, she flatters him and makes him feel strong and independent, all in an effort to push Cersei out of control.

One of her greatest triumphs was in fooling the High Sparrow, pretending to convert to his beliefs and claiming to give up everything but devotion to the gods. In reality, she was using his beliefs to regain her lost position of power and to secure her brother's release from prison.

She's deeply loyal to her family. When she discovers that Loras is arrested, Margaery becomes enraged, trying to find any means to save him, even lying at his trial. When her grandmother is threatened by the High Sparrow, Margaery sends her out of the city, even though it means losing one of her strongest supporters. During her last few minutes alive, Margaery clinged to her brother, trying to help him get to safety, only to be impeded by the High Sparrow.

Margaery has a good heart, devoting her time to the poor and less fortunate. She claims that by opening her heart to them, they return that love in ten fold. While she says later that she acted to be seen and wanted the acclaim it would give her, the actress (Natalie Dormer) has stated that Margaery genuinely did want to do right by the poor.

These actions have made her incredibly popular among the people. Despite all of her ambition, she has never acted maliciously or violently, never injuring someone in the same way that others with ambitions have. Her attempts to gain power have always been through clever manipulations and words, but never anything that would result in violence or harm.

Margaery, it is also implied, is sexually liberated. During a conversation with Sansa, she tries to reassure the newly betrothed girl that women never know what they like until they try it. She lists of a number of traits that might appeal to women (including pretty girls) and that it takes a great deal of work to pleasure a woman. When Sansa asks if Margaery's mother told her all of this, Margaery smiles knowingly, indicating that she knows from experience.

She's capable of adapting to any situation, from following Renly's camp as he prepared to war, to living in King's Landing (which is a viper's den), to keeping her spirits and strengths while in the black cells. She doesn't let any adversity break her and is always searching for a means to survive.

It's likely Margaery would have survived the show, as she was the only one to figure out that Cersei was planning to destroy the sept. It was only because of the Sparrows blocking her path that she was unable to escape and was trapped inside the sept as it exploded. She at least died one step ahead of the pack, just like we had seen throughout the show.


What skills does your character bring to the situation?: Margaery is clever, quick to adapt and very much a team player. She inspires a great deal of loyalty and love in those she knows. She cares about the betterment of others and would look to help the community as a whole. Because she has no family here, it's likely that she will devote her familial instincts with those in the community. Because they are stuck in this situation, it's not every man for themselves and Margaery would understand that. She also has a great deal of empathy and concern for those who are struggling. She'd look to help them and shoulder their burden. She's also wily enough to help determine the dangers in a situation and the best means for survival.

Explain how your character would react to the following:

- Discovering that their memories may have been tampered with: Poorly, though she would reluctantly admit there are things she wouldn't want to remember. She would be frustrated, believing the memories make her stronger and serve as a reminder of what not to do in the future. She's had fall backs and while she might not want to remember certain things (such as her death), she likes to have her memories to use as a lesson and a guide for herself in the future. Being without these parts of herself will make her feel that there is a small emptiness inside her. She'd want to find a way to try and recover her memories, if at all possible, but it wouldn't deter her from continuing on.

- Having to do physical labor to survive: She's never had to do it before, but she would and try to excel at what's she's expected to do. As said above, Margaery is an adapter. She would ask for someone to help her and show her what she needs to do. She'd require a bit of assistance for awhile, but she's not afraid to get dirty or work hard. It's not what well bred ladies in Westeros do, but Margaery is more practical than that.

- Having to share resources with others: Extremely well. Margaery is devoted to helping others and would likely give more than her share. A particular example is Margaery visiting the poor in Westeros and generously giving them money and food. During her wedding feast, she announces that the leftovers would be going to the starving citizens in King's Landing. She's not above having to share with others and actually prefers that, rather than hoarding items for herself.

- Being unable to leave the area: Margaery recently was trapped in the black cells, unable to leave or move or even see sunlight. It's something that will still be effecting her and leading to a great deal of frustration on her part, if she is unable to move around. However, unless she's trapped in a dark room, she'll be able to maintain composure and control. She will look at the reasoning as rationally as possible and try to see the merits of the situation. She won't like being kept in one place, but if it is for safety and practicality, she will abide by the decision.

- Doing without modern conveniences and technology and/or being around tech more advanced than they're used to: She's never had to deal with any of it before, so just fine. Westeros is a Medieval like society. She doesn't know anything about modern technology.

- Being separated, possibly permanently, from loved ones and their previous life, including loss of powers, if applicable: She's dead in her world. She'll mourn her brother and miss her family, but she would accept this as a second chance. There's nothing left for her to go back to. She's lost and has lost much of her reason for being Queen. After so much hardship and cruelty at another's hands, I think Margaery would focus her efforts on something else. She doesn't have her family to provide for. I imagine that she would try to find ways to make herself happy and find a new purpose.


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