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From Observers:
* Seeds
* Spinning Wheel
* Gilbert
* Butterchurn
* Bee Hive
* Precognition

Gifts from Friends
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* Hatchet
* Folding Shovel
* Forever Amber
* Hairbrush, Mirror, and Comb
* Pocket Watch
* Stylish Black Ankle Boots
* Survival Machete
* Toiletries
* White Fur Hooded Cloak
* Winter Gown
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» » » Secret Wife ([personal profile] swingthesword)
Jon and Margaery conduct a secret affair in King's Landing while he recruits more men for the Night's Watch. Not wishing to part, the pair elope for the Wall, where Margaery will be hidden in a cottage and under a new name.

The Affair Begins: Margaery and Jon Snow are drawn together in King's Landing, beginning a dangerous love affair.
Rendezvous and Plans: Margaery and Jon meet secretly, the plan to elope is made.
The Escape: Jon and Margaery travel in disguise through the Riverlands towards the Wall.
In the North: Margaery settles in the North and Jon tries to cheer her up.
Rumors: Rumors spread about where Margaery might be and what might have become of her. The truth is no less exciting.
Return to Me: Jon returns to the cottage in the dead of the night, injured from a Wildling raid.
What Tomorrow Brings: Jon attempts to teach Margaery self defense, as they dream of their future together.

» » » Forbidden Love ([personal profile] kingofthenorth)
Renly and Robb's forces join in alliance. In the midst of battle, Margaery and Robb share a secret night together, unknowingly tangling their lives together in a way that could shake the alliance completely.

One Secret Goodbye: Margaery steals away to Robb's tent, wishing to bid him a private farewell.
A Winter Rose: Robb travels to Renly's court in King's Landing to treat further on Northern independence. He learns a devastating secret.
The Wolf Princess: Robb meets his daughter in the gardens of King's Landing.

» » » Resurrection ([personal profile] starkish)
Margaery, saved from the explosion of the Sept, is brought to Winterfell and placed in Jon's protection. While his councilors debate with what to do with her, Jon and Margaery find that death has touched them in more ways than one.

Broken Souls: Drawn together by death and sorrow, Jon and Margaery discover a deeper bond than any experienced before.

» » » Arranged Marriage ([personal profile] wolfhead)
The Starks forces emerge victorious against the Lannisters. Despite his hesitations, Robb marries Margaery and begins contemplating holding the Iron Throne.

The Idea of Marriage is Approached: Margaery presses Robb to assume the Iron Throne, but urges him to make an alliance with a Southron House.
The Wedding of the Wolf and the Rose: Margaery and Robb wed, uncertain and unfamiliar with the other.

» » » In Robb's Camp ([personal profile] kingofbadlifechoices)
Renly has been killed by Stannis. The Tyrells side with the Starks and arrange a marriage between Loras and Sansa. Margaery, meanwhile, offers her company to Robb in the midst of war.

In the Lair of the Wolf: Margaery and Robb share a drink and discuss the war.


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Margaery Tyrell (26)
Queen of Westeros and Lady of High Garden. Despite appearances, I am adventurous and willing to explore and try many things. Pretty things and pretty people catch my eye. Do not mistake that I am a rose adorned with thorns of my own.


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By the sheer grace of the gods, she'd survived. It had been pandemonium. So many people from the court trying to force their way out of the doors. Somewhere in the mass exodus, Loras' hand had fallen from hers. The Sparrows realized too late what was happening. Margaery had managed to slip free, but her father and brother had been bared from the exit, The High Sparrow grasping the last two prisoners he had left.

He had let his hubris get the better of him and because of that, a large number of the city was killed. It was all such a blur. The sudden feel of the sunlight on her skin, the blinding light as she pushed through the doors, and then a loud whoosh and bang and then everything went black.

When her consciousness returned, she was in the harbor, leaning against the wall with her legs dangling in the water. Then the haze set in, the moving through the motions. She had no place to go and she was a fugitive. Cersei would have her killed and it was unlikely that Tommen (sweet, pliant Tommen) could protect her. Her family was weakened and there was nothing in High Garden left for her.

Without thinking, she had managed to intercept a carriage (disguised, not that anyone would recognize her in the state she was in) and headed North. She had one friend she could trust, someone who had experience of evading the Lannisters. Sansa was at Winterfell, according to the reports others gave. Winterfell was the last refuge open to her.

When she arrived at the gate, she allowed the men to talk around her. The carriage driver who delivered her safely, the guards keeping vigil, and those who attended on the new King of the North. Someone darted off to alert him, she couldn't say who or why. It was all such a blur. She was waiting still for her mind to start once again and to feel anything. Pain, sadness, anger. She was numb and tired.

Fit for the crypts beneath the castle.
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